How Do We “Simplify Certification”?

  1. Personalized client services: At Keystone, a real person answers the phone and connects callers to the right experienced professional to answer questions and provide expert guidance.
  2. Keystone is motivated to demonstrate product compliance, not to sell testing: All we do is enable manufacturers to demonstrate product compliance with building codes and energy incentive program requirements.
  3. Rebranded Certifications: Keystone can often employ a supplier’s test reports as the basis for certifications issued to authorized manufacturers of the products tested, significantly reducing costs to the manufacturer.
  4. Keystone’s “Do Things Right” Approach: means we take the time to explain conformance requirements, and when non-conformities arise, we’ll discuss resolution options.
  5. Full-service certification label supplier: From multi-program permanent labels to composite ENERGY STAR® certification temporary labels for doors and windows, all shipped within 2 days of order, all guaranteed to be accurate.

Skip the maze